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House Favorites Some of our battle tested original recipes - These represent the best of the best from past menus All house favorites are $8 during Happy Hour!!
Can I Get Uhh.... Creme de Violette Mixed Berry Sorbet Bar Keep Lavender Bitters Brut Champagne $9
Blushing Mule Mixed Berry Vodka Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub Ginger Beer $9


The Painted Lady Mixed Berry Vodka Tom Foolery Applejack Brandy Honey Lemon Juice Egg Whites Pretty Colors $10 A Day a the Spa Muddled Mint Cucumber infused Vodka Dolin Blanc Sage Liqueur $11
The Other Side Hayman's Old Tom Gin Green Tea Syrup Green Chartreuse Lime Juice Thyme Tincture $13 Tijuana Strawberry Strawberry infused Tequila Fruitlab Orange Liqueur Lime Juice Strawberry Basil Preserves Veuve du Vernay Brut Champagne Sugar Rim
The Ritten Word Rittenhouse Rye Yellow Chartreuse Strawberry Basil Preserves Lemon Juice Honey $11 Calabaza Pepita & Tabasco Infused Mezcal Barenjager Honey Mole Bitters $13
Smoke dat Bee! Watershed Bourbon Apricot Liqueur Honey Lemon Juice Thyme Tincture Smoke $11 Appalachian Neck Tie Muddled Cucumbers Old Forester Bourbon Honey Lime Juice Spiced Salt $9
Ty's Rye Mai Tai Bulleit Rye Slow & Low Rock & Rye Fruitlab Orange Liqueur Orgeat Lime Juice Chinese 5 Spice $10 Spring in Manhattan Bulleit Rye Amaro Nonino Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub Lemon Bitters $12